Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tinkerbell cupcakes for Marin

 Marin turned 5 and celebrated with Tinkerbell!

Miss Tink with pixie dust and all

Chocolate Happy Birthday suckers for the birthday girl and her sister.

These are some of my favorite cupcakes EVER!

Packaged and ready to go!

Lillian turns 4 with Strawberry Shortcake

Lillian wanted an Orange Blossom cake....so this is what Mandy and I came up with.

Bottom layer is chocolate, middle layer is lemon and the top layer is strawberry.

Orange Blossom

Lemon Meringue

Right before cutting..with the matching plates and napkins

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bridal Shower cupcakes

Look at these beauties...cherry chips just waiting to get frosted!!

Each flower is hand made.

packaged and ready to go

It was also the birthday of the bride-to-be so I made her this little treat.
The bride-to-be making a wish!

Chocolate Covered Ruffles?!?!?

My first time making chocolate covered ruffles. I made milk and dark chocolate. They were different?!?!?  but don't get me wrong...I wouldn't not eat one :)

Hand dipped one by one in milk and dark chocolate.

I had to combine two bags of Ruffles to get this many because there were so many broken ones in each bag.

Bridal shower cupcakes

One of Wade's co-workers, Haley ordered cupcakes for her sisters bridal shower. The brides colors were orange, fuchsia, and black. This is what I came up with..flowers more flowers and ribbons!! The most time consuming part of these babies..hand tying all the ribbons! But it was worth it..they turned out great!

before the flowers were added

The finished product. 
Packaged and ready to go. Each one had to be strategically placed so the ribbons wouldn't get smashed! 

The pretty flowers.

Canton Chiefs Softball

One of Wade's co-workers, Anthony needed 18 cupcakes on the fly for his daughters softball team. Here is what I came up with. I traced the logo online and hand cut each one...holy smokes! The center cupcakes have the stars name on them, Halle!

Packaged and ready to go

Thanks Anthony for your order!

Mandy turns 31!

The most difficult part of doing cakes is coming up with ideas! For this I thought pink and yellow looked cute together so I went with it and decided to add some brown in to. I hot glued the ribbons on the front and I think they turned out adorable. 

Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.