Monday, May 21, 2012

Deb's cake for her Mom! Happy Mother's Day!!

Cherry Chip cake with Butter Cream frosting!

Flowers made from gum paste and fondant mix.

Keaton turns 2 with Mickey!!

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E...Mickey Mouse!

The birthday boy, Keaton and his sister Lillian!

Making a WISH!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

....because my kiddos LOVE Elmo!

My surprise for them one afternoon!

white chocolate handmade sucker! YUMMY! I had this mold from Avery's birthday but didn't have time to make them...they take forever! So I was dying to try to make them and here is the end result. Pretty cute I think :)

Valentine's Treats 2012

Mya's school treat!

Chocolate covered pretzels rolled in M&M's and sprinkles

Sugar cookie hearts with butter cream frosting!

Daycare treat for Mya and Avery!

Mya's school project

Mya's homework was to create a snowman! Using any materials she/we wanted. SO what better idea then to bake her homework assignment. We made a big sugar cookie snowman and frosted him with buttercream then used m&m's for the buttons and eyes, a kit-kat for the hat, pasta colored black for his arms, fondant for his nose and ribbon for his scarf! He turned out pretty cute. After Mya went to bed I continued to bake and decorate and surprised her with the little snowmen for her friends at school!

Miss Mya turns 4 with Diego!!

Getting ready to blow out her Diego Candle!

Chocolate cupcakes with butter cream and a fun ring!

sugar cookies with butter cream and m&m cookies(perfect match from the cheerleading fundraiser!)

One of the hardest cakes ever..because of the detail. yikes!

All the Diego goodies

Addison's Elmo cake and cookies and Kai's baptism cupcakes

2's in the making

the outline of Elmo's face...the start of several hours of frosting!

Elmo before frosting

The finished Elmo!

The finished Elmo cake

Baptism cupcakes

Before frosting, fudge marble

Fudge Marble cupcakes, butter cream frosting and a white chocolate cross

Helen celebrat!es #2 with Olivia

Frosted in butter cream with fondant and gum paste accents.

Miss Helen and her is as big as she is!

The adorable birthday girl, Helen.

Mandy's birthday cupcakes, April 2012

Chocolate cupcakes, butter cream frosting and some yellow sprinkles

I added a cute little hot pink, light pink and brown bow with these specialty holders...adorable!

Peeps Easter cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes, butter cream frosting and adorable little peeps for the top!

I found this idea on Frugal Girls and had to swipe it!